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SEP11 & SNAC 11 upgrade to SEP 12.1

Created: 04 Oct 2011 • Updated: 04 Oct 2011 | 10 comments

We'll have to wait until a later 12.1 to UPGRADE since we're at 11.0.7, but please ignore that part for now.....

We're running SEP (see above) AND have SNAC enabled. SNAC is actually PART OF SEP 11.xxxxxxx

There was no seperate install of SNAC 11.xx, it is right in SEPs install already, and all we did was apply a license at the manager and it enabled it on the clients. NO other install, no other download, it was all integrated, single simple install all at once.

I see SEP 12.1 isn't that way - it appears that with SEP 12.1, you install SEP, and you install SNAC - IS THAT TRUE?

Can someone please help - I'd like to find answers to the following, preferrably from someone who knows for sure perhaps:
1. when we install SEP12.1 to our clients as a push, or in the console as an upgrade - will it also install SNAC 12.1??

2. When we install SEP 12.1 as a new install to a clean machine, will it also install SNAC 12.1, or do I have to run TWO DISTINCT installs, first install SEP, THEN install SNAC 12?

3. What will happen with SNAC if SEP12 will not also install SNAC AT THE SAME TIME?

If the answer is that it will NOT also install SNAC when SEP 12 is installed, what's the best method for this??

I see nothing at all in any documentation or in the forums here that DIRECTLY answer any of this, sorry-  already searched. Hopefully someone knows more than I was able to find out. Thanks in advance..............

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It is the same way in SEP 12.1 as it was in SEP 11.  SNAC 12.1 can be enabled via the SNAC.xml license file also.  However we recommend using the setup.exe CD start item on the SNAC CD.  This was also the recommendation in SEP 11.  Running this program will add the license file automatically to SEPM.  And just like SEP 11, in SEP 12.1 there is no need to change anything on the clients.  Once the license key is in SEPM it will get sent to the clients.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, if you upgrade SEPM 11 to SEPM 12.1 it will keep your existing SNAC enabled.

2. When you install a SEP 12.1 client it automatically installs the SNAC 12.1 client also, just like SEP 11.

3. SNAC gets installed at the same time as SEP.

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Hmmm, I had to download a separate SNAC install when adding it to 11.x, even though we were already licensed for it.

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We have two separate CDs, one for SEP and one for SNAC.  However the SEP client install also install the SNAC features.  So you don't need to download the SNAC CD to update the clients.  However the SNAC CD has the SNAC license file that needs to be applied to the SEP SEPM in order to enable the SNAC features on SEPM.

Once SEPM has the SNAC features then the clients will automatically enable the SNAC features also.  This has not changed since SEP 11.

Note: if you already have both SEP and SNAC enabled on SEPM and you want to upgrade to 12.1 then you only need to download the SEP 12.1 CD.  The only reason to download the SNAC12.1 CD is if you wanted to install the SNAC-only clients.

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Elisha thanks for the comments. I guess when I was in the 12.1 console,. and saw that it not only had SEP imported packages, but SNAC as well - it made me even MORE confused than I normally am.

This is what i mean- you do not see this in SEP 11!  In 11 all you see is the SEP install packages - SNAC is a part of it. So seeing this made me wonder..........

Thanks - I do appreciate the clarification! So good to see someone who really knows the product and such a concise answer.

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Interesting, as what is above, I had for 11.x. Both a SEP client and SNAC client...I no longer have this for 12.1/

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If you upgrade from SEP 11 to SEP 12.1 and you had SNAC enabled in SEP 11 then the SNAC 12.1 packages will not be added automatically.  This is because the SEP 12.1 CD does not have the SNAC packages.  The SEP CD only has the SEP packages (which also contain the SNAC features).

The SNAC package is used if you want SNAC-only features on a client.  For example if you are using some other AV solution and not SEP's, then you would use the SNAC-only package.

If you need the SNAC packages then you can manually add the SNAC packages unto SEPM.  This can be done by:

1. Download the SNAC CD (if you don't already have it).

2. Unzip the SNAC CD (if it is zipped).

3. From SEPM go to the Admin --> Install Packages panel.

4. Click "Add a Client Install Package" and browse to the 32-bit SNAC-only package from inside the SNAC CD.

5. Follow Step 4 again but this time use the 64-bit SNAC-only package.

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Problem is, I don't know if we own SNAC for 12.1. We owned it in 11.x, does it transfer over to 12.1 or did the licensing change with the new version? I do not see any SNAC CD on fileconnect.

I'm assuming when I input the license file, if we had SNAC, it would've been activiated?

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Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP's picture

If you have license for Symantec Protection Suite 4.0 then you will have SNAC included in it. Stand alone SEP license would not include SNAC.

If you add SNAC.XML file into your SEPM to activate SNAC on your existing SEPM.

It will enable SNAC component on clients, Add Host Integrity Policy in SEPM however it will not add Install Packages in your SEPM.

But these install packages are only used for stand alone install. As you cannot install a Managed SEP client without SNAC if you have SNAC enabled on your SEPM.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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If you have a current maintenance contract to use SEP 11 and SNAC 11 then you can upgrade to both SEP 12.1 and SNAC 12.1 at no additional cost.  However in 12.1 we added licensing (which is separate from the SAV.xml and SNAC.xml files).  So you will need to ensure that you get the new license file for both SEP 12.1 and SNAC 12.1.  But again there is no additional cost required to get the license file if you already own SEP 11 and SNAC 11.

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Here's some info from our support dB that may be helpful:  - upgrading and migrating to SEP 12.1 - upgrading to a new release of SEP  - upgrade resources for SEP

Let us know how things are going!


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