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SEP11 for Win7Pro: how to convert centrally managed SEP to personally managed

Created: 04 Jul 2014 | 5 comments

I hope this is the right forum. I was in doubt between SECURITY and ENPOINT MANAGEMENT... :/

I have the following problem. I have SEP11 installed on my laptop. Until few weeks ago, my SEP was centrally managed by an administrator of my group. I left the group and now I have to manage my SEP on my own, that is I need to revert it to an unmanaged SEP so that I can manage its policies myself, but I have no idea how to do it, even because I have no more contacts with the original group I do not belong to anymore.

What I have to do? I am the admin of my laptop, of course, and I have all privileges.

Thank you in advance

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If you don't have SEPM management you can't take revert back policy under your control.You can reinstall SEP client and iinstall unmanaged client.

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Not possible.  You need to uninstall and Reinstall SEP as unmanged.

Jed Gresham
Principal Product Manager, Backup & Recovery Portfolio Strategy
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You should talk to your admin and get the policy updated or uninstall / reinstall the client from CD1 of SEP download

Jed Gresham
Principal Product Manager, Backup & Recovery Portfolio Strategy
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Duplicate thread

Have you the password of smc to stop it?

Step to make it unmanage without the Server access.

Click Start -> Run -> input command “smc  -stop”(Password screen display if password attach)

Enter the password to stop it.

Locate to “C:\Program files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\”, use Notepad to edit the sylink.xml file, delete the content and save. Then the sylink.xml file will be a empty file.

Delete the sylink.bak and sylinkex.bak file in the same folder

Click Start -> Run -> input command “smc  -start”

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No problem to do. However, take note that Symantec recommends simply reinstalling an unmanaged version of SEP.

Otherwise, you need to set your client to "Client Mode" first so you can have full control of all settings. Then drop the sylink from the download ISO and it will be fully unmanaged.

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