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SEP12 and https "secure comms from client to server"

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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So, Im more than comfortable setting up https from the client to server, however, seeing extremly mixed results in SEP12.1.2015

There is a conf file under the tomcat\etc difectory

There is  SSLforClient filer under the apache\conf\ssl directory, along with a SSL.conf file

And a http.con a level up under apache\conf

No matter what i seem to do, change the manage server list to use 443, it still will not listen on the port i set. I am setting my server list to use https, customized port of 443, but netsta is telling me its still listening on 8014, standard http port...

What gives?

Am i brain farting, port conflict, even if it was, i still should see something for 443

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Your still going to see it on 8014, it will just be encrypted traffic now, instead of clear text. You can verify with Wireshark.

Check the attached document

EnableSSL.docx 123.73 KB

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The blow article might help:

Essentially, after making the changes stated in the article, the SEPM should be listening on both 8014 and 443.  Only after making the changes in the article (uncomment one line and restart services), should you then make the MSL changes.

Another article worth reviewing guides you on how to change the https port used by the SEPM if required:

In a nutshell, the httpd.conf file handles the http communications, while the sslforclients.conf file handles the https side of things...