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sep12 proxy problem

Created: 24 Apr 2013 • Updated: 24 Apr 2013 | 4 comments


i  set policy with "i do not use a proxy" on all client, i have a proxy exception for my managment sep server BUT:

my client always pass through my proxy for contact my management server for update definition, the server is in my internal lan

any tips for me?


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This setting is for contacting Symantec LiveUpdate servers for updates, not the internal SEPM. It uses the proxy settings defined in Internet Explorer.

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and how do i do to bypass Explorer settings? The exception don't work

i don't want that the symantec pass through in my proxy


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You can try and set the "Bypas proxy server for local adresses" in Internet explorer (Connections -> Local Are Settings - Proxy Server) - if the SEPM is under the scope of local LAN the connection to it will be bypassed and clients will go directly to manager.

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i already use  exception for proxy but don't work, is it possible because i have a server in local lan  but with other subnet mask

192.168.6.x 255/255/254/0 Client

192.168.1.x 255.255.252/0 Server