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sep12.1 kills Domain Controller static ip 4 configuration

Created: 21 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
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help is appreciated on installing the 12.1 Ru2 back on the domain controller and config so the domain controller will work properly with the proper static IP 4

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What sep feature do you have install ?

Always follows best pratices installation on servers

Best Practices for Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) on Windows Servers
Article:TECH92440  |  Created: 2009-01-18  |  Updated: 2012-02-17  |  Article URL

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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As for the AV protection SEP will put in place the needed exclusions automatically:

As for the firewall - if you are behind corporate firewall, you can skip that component from installation and deploy only the basic protection for servers:

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Do you have the firewall installed? Start with only AV and check the result.

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thx for all the replies

it was installed by someone else who left the organization. the installation was working for qutie while until 2  and the jan 7 network threat and proactive threat got updated on the SEPweeksa ago when the servers were cold startedI the version at that time was not yet ru2

used to install on server only antivirus, and firewall thatt treat internal ip range as trusted and allow netbios, intial dhcp trafiic

 I'll take the advice to install only the anitvirus firewall with the usual exclusion if needed. failing that I 'll remove the firewall..

I understand the SEP client installataions on domain workstations  are managed by the installation on the exchange server

Hopefully new I will have good news to report tonight

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Let us know then how it goes. If you mean there the management server (SEPM)  then yes, the clients installation on domain workstation will be managed by it as well.

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I was able to install the x64 latest client SEP on the exchange server as unmanaged  "out of the box". I only ensure the firewall allow netbios over TCP, initial dhcp trafiic

Glad to report no problem so far after reboot.

need more testing on the web outlook though

tonight I'll try same client install on the domain and file server

I'll probably try to make them managed sometimes in the weekend when I would have more time for recovery if problem occurs

PS. I have looked at the best practice article suggested. However I left the sep management  on the exchange server for 2 reasons:

1. not enough time to take it out and find a suitable pc to install on

2. the exchange server has plenty of  redundant resources (CPU power, RAM, and hard disk) for the number of PC and people. so far the exchange is very responsive to email demands

3, there are more higher priority tasks waiting

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How many SEP clients with this manager handle? How many clients is exchange server responding too? If your resources are ample - you should not see mcuh problems. The recomendation is general as per best practice to have a dedicated server for SEPM - but this is very depending on the hardware, infrastructure and amount of connecting clients.

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looks like I'm having problem with the firewall on the Domain controller client installation and need help.

no problem with file serving and exchange traffic for domain work stations

However, no internet surfing possible, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" is the message for any website.

also ping other than internal  devices and servers , and PCs results in "Ping request could not find host" this applies to the isp site we use to test for internet access.

Furthermore, somehow the remote rdp log into any of the pc's took extremely long time instead of the normal within a minute or two.

I verified that the network threat protection settings do have the smart DNS, DHCP, WINS all enabled as shown in the attachment.

hopefully I'll get a solution within a couple of hours or I will have to disable the firewall for now on the server domain controller and file server

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Can you confirm if disabling the firewall restores teh internet access?

Have a look at following thread - not a DC but a similar issue: