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SEP12.1 not updating with Intelligent Updater (Login as user).

Created: 25 Feb 2013 | 12 comments


Please assist, my Standalone Notebooks AV Definitions (Not connected to any networks) are updated by Intelligent Updater provided in the website ( ) .

But i have to log into the administrator account of the notebooks in order to update them.

Is it possible i update them with Intelligent Updater file when i log into user account as well, because my user has no access to administrator login but yet require the SEP12.1 updated by themselves.


Jacob Singapore

Operating Systems:

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Extra Information:

The OS is Windows XP

The SEP are unmanaged SEP Clients installed direct from SEP Client Installer files 32bit Versions downloaded from

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What happend when you run live update ?

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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I don't run liveupdate as these Notebook PCs i administer do not connect to the Internet or any other networks. They are Standalones Notebook PCs. But i issue them to users who need to update these notebooks AV Definitions in user login mode.

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Will the executable not run because user does not have admin rights? Admin rights are not required for definition updates but if they try to run an exe they may be stopped.

How many users does this affect?

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Hello Admin access not required for the defintion but if it manage by SEPM Server, if you run the setup file manually then it required the access to install the setup of .exe file.


Sumit G.

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You dont require admin accessfor that, You may have internet access for auto update.

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Put it in a share and give users read/execute access. They should be able to run it.

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User in this scenario may require admin rights to symantec folders/subfolders. There is an easier way than Intelligent Updater - have you concidered updating using the .jdb file? -it involves only copying the file to one specified locations and SEP will do the rest automatically, no GUI involved.

How to manually update definitions for a managed Symantec Endpoint Protection Client using the .jdb file

...user will require here the write access to the target location for the .jdb file.

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Hi do i need to install the SEPM on each of my 20 Notebooks ?


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No, definitely not. Sorry i missed you previous comment that you are on unmanaged clients. Have a look here instructiion for them:

Preparing unmanaged clients to receive updates from third-party distribution tools

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SEPM is the console to manage SEP clients and to apply policies. 

For all the unmanged clients here is the script you can use to update definitios