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SEP12.1.2 : IT Analytics Question

Created: 28 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
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Hey Guys,

We're about to implement IT Analytics on our SEP Server for better reporting capability, based on what I understand so far this is what I need to do:

1. Install Symantec Installation Manager (on a separate server not on the SEPM server)

2. Download and install the IT analytics throught Symantec Installation Manager

3. Get the Cubes for SEP Reporting

Since until now I still dont have the VM to try this can anyone tell me if I'm missing something in the procedure I put above? every bit of information helps, by the way our SEPM server have separate server for the SQL Database, just for your information.


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this is the link you should look at

How to install the Altiris IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection report pack from the Symantec Endpoint Protection disc
Article:HOWTO59271  |  Created: 2011-09-23  |  Updated: 2012-09-04  |  Article URL

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There are some steps involved in "Install Symantec Installation Manager" that need to be delt with.  Look for the Symantec Management Platform Prerequesites and follow them.  Need a SQL Server to setup and install things on along w/ the seperate box for installing IT Analytics.

THe guide linked above is very good but the whole "install SIM" has several steps, make sure you walk carefully through them.

Drop me a note w/ more questions.

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Thanks man,

You really are Awesome.,.....

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I agree with the above comments.

System requirements:
IT Analytics Solution requires the following:
■ Symantec Management Platform 7.1
■ Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2, 2008 SP2, or 2008 R2 Analysis Services (for
IT Analytics Cube database)
■ Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2, 2008 SP2, or 2008 R2 Reporting Services (for
IT Analytics Reports)
■ Microsoft Office Web Components 11 (2003)
■ Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 SP1
In addition, IT Analytics for Symantec Endpoint Protection requires the following:
■ The Symantec Endpoint Protection database (SEM5) must be a SQL Server
database. The embedded database is not supported.
Process for installing and configuring IT Analytics Server and content packs
Step 1 Verify that your computer meets the hardware and the software prerequisites.
You must ensure that your computer meets the hardware prerequisites and install specific software before you install IT Analytics Server.
Step 2 Install IT Analytics Server and content packs.
You can use the Symantec Installation Manager to install IT Analytics Server and content packs.
Step 3 Configure IT Analytics Server.
You can specify the names of your Analysis Services server, database, Reporting Services virtual directory, and report folder.
Step 4 Configure Symantec Endpoint Protection connections.
You can configure the Symantec Endpoint Protection connections that IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Content Pack uses.
Step 5 Add the cubes.
You can choose the cubes that you want to include in your environment
Step 6 Add the reports.
You can choose the reports that you want to include in your environment. 
Step 7 Schedule the cube processing tasks.
You can choose how often each installed cube is processed. Usually, each cube is processed daily.
Step 8 Verify your installation.
You can check to see that your installation was successful and that your version of IT Analytics Server contains all the necessary items.

Installing and configuring IT Analytics Solution

Installing and Configuring IT Analytics 7.1 with Symantec Endpoint Protection Pack

VIDEO: Installing and Configuring IT Analytics 7.1 with Symantec Endpoint Protection Pack

Symantec Endpoint Protection Pack 12.1.2 for Altiris™ IT Analytics 7.1 SP2 from Symantec™ User Guide

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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