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Separate System/Boot partitions

Created: 14 May 2010

The documentation for LightsOut says that it installs on the system partition.
It doesn't.
It installs on the Boot partition, which isn't always the same as the System partition.

On some Dell laptops, the OS loader is on a small system partiton, while the OS is on the Boot partition.  When installing LightsOut, it gets installed to the Boot  drive (C: on my system), and not the system partition drive (D: on my system).  The result is that the boot menu never shows up.

Is there a way to get LightsOut to install to the correct partition?

Similarly, when doing a restore by booting from CD and restoring both partitions, the end result is a drive that doesn't boot.  It appears that BESR 2010 installs its boot loader on the "C" partition, even when it isn't the first partition.  With no OS loaders on that partition, the end result is that the recovered system can't be booted.  To get the test recovery XP system to boot, I had boot a Linux LiveCD and correct the MBR, and then boot a Windows CD to fix the ntldr.

Is there a way to get BESR recovery to work correctly with drives with separate boot/system partitions?