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Separating DS and NS, IP Issues?

Created: 16 Apr 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 5 comments

What are the issues with IP addresses when separating the DS from NS?

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If you are talking about putting DS and NS on different servers we didn't have any. We had ours on the same server, but now we have NS on a physical server and DS on a virtual server and they are running just fine. If there is a hard part it is getting the agents pointed to the new servers. I can explain more if this is the case.

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If you have installed the Deployment Server Solution on your NS that would rise some concern.

Are you able to do a fresh install of your NS, that would be the easiest and trouble free :)


Chris Bashlor

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Does this involve changing the default.cfg file? What, if any, other issues is involved with the clients?

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With regards to seperating NS and DS, a best practice would be to leavev NS alone and move DS.

If you are following another best practice with DS, then you will be using DNS names instead of IP addresses for your aclient configurations. With this in place, you can easily relocate your DS to a new server, and simply adjust your DNS entry for your DS server to point to the new server IP and you're clients will not know the difference. Your PXE configuration will need to change. The following altiris KB walks through the necessary changes to DS

Hope this helps.

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As vortex0007 states there should be no problem moving your Deployment Server from one box to another.

Is SQL on the same box for both? If it isn't then you won't have to reinstall/recreate the existing DS. Just install a new ds and piont it to the existing DB.

Create a NS job to update the DS agent to check into the new server and you should be all set.

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