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SEPM 12.1 Client Version Unavailable

Created: 11 Apr 2013 • Updated: 17 Apr 2013 | 11 comments
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OK I am looking at one of our client groups within SEPM imported from AD. The client version on nearly all of the computers says Client version unavailable? Does any one have any insight on why this would be? I have attached a screen shot.

I also have a second question. We have enabled an auto upgrade for another of the computer groups, and placed several SEP Client version 11 computers into the OU in AD. We updated the sylink file on the machines, however they are not showing up in the SEPM 12.1. Any ideas why the computers would not show up? They shoull be reporting to the SEPM server, and auto upgrading instead we do not see them at all. Thanks in advance.

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None of the clients are online.

did you install Symantec endpoint on your AD import clients?

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I've seen this quite a bit if a machine is re-imaged and the original is not removed. Same with virtual machines. Are these VMs or recently re-imaged?

These may be of some help if so:

For your second question, you can enable sylink logging to check the communication between SEPM and client and post the log

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Brian the machines in question are not VM's they are physical computers running version SEP version 11. Also they have not been re-imaged recently. The sylink updater was run on them and then they were moved to the AD OU in hopes that once they reported in to the SEPM server they were automatically upgrade to 12.1. We are upgrading our European site and are testing to ensure all is working.

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In that case remove the OU from SEPM and re-add those. it should come up with computers with green dot.

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You mean remove the AD OU from SEPM completely and re-add the OU as a whole?

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Yes. the client will still report to the same OU try it once.

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Thanks Rafeeq I removed the group and re-added it as suggested. Unfortunately I will not know if that had the desired affect until Monday as the I do not have a list of the computer names that were missing. The person who added them is out of the office until Monday I will follow up to this post on Monday with the result.

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Are these systems imaged


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if systems were imaged, only one will be visible in the console others will be visible after clearing the hardware ID.

additional link if the above does not work

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Computers have auto upgraded at a separate site it appears the initial issue in France was a sylink issue. Thanks.