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SEPM 12.1 Database Backup

Created: 11 Apr 2013 | 8 comments

I have a SEPM 12.1 console with a SQL Server 2008 database instance. Previously we backed up the database by exporting SQL backups via SQL Server Management Studio. Currently we have it backing up by selecting the 'Database Backup' option in the SEPM. I'm wondering what the pros or cons are of each and if one is better than the other. I see that most Symantec articles reccomend backing up the database from the SEPM but wondering if the export options is sufficient. Thanks.

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Probably just comes down to a personal preference. For me, it is just easier to configure within the SEPM (I'm not an SQL guru), sort of like a set it and forget it type thing.

Don't believe there is much out there to sway one way or the other, just whatever you're comfortable with I suppose.

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You can Consulted your Database admin and also follow best pratices.

How to manage SEPM 12.1 database.

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Depending on your preference - in some environements SEPM Admins are not directlty managing the SQL Server - so the option for backup from SEPM is straightforward, in some other backing up directly on SQL Server should be faster as it takes no SEPM involvement and no resource from it.

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Both are one and the same. If you dont' have management studio installed you can use SEPM to back up the db.

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Agreed with Rafique


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You are using SQL database & SQL database can support upto 80,000 clients per SEPM.

And if you have more large number of clients then size of DB also can increase significantly.

If you used Symantec database backup and restore wizard it will store the database at default location which can not be customized.

SQL database should have database maintenance and backup policy

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By taking database backup and Restore we can take the backup of SEPM server with policies and groups


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If the option is available, I've always preferred backing up via SQL as it's generally faster all round, and allows all sorts of recovery options (depending on your DBA Team).

The only real benefit of backing up via the SEPM itself I can think of, is to preserve the option of switching DB type (SQL to Embedded) if you so wish in the future.