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SEPM 12.1 Licensing status

Created: 14 Dec 2011 | 6 comments
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Any one can please let me know, Is there any way to check 12.1 SEP clients license. (How many license used and how many licenses still remains unused). Suppose :- I have 200 SEP 12.1 licenses and I have used 50 out of them. Than how many licenses still remains.Is there any way to check online.

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Checking license status

You can obtain the status for each paid license that you imported into the console.

You can obtain the following license information:

  • License serial number, total seat count, expiration date

  • Number of valid seats

  • Number of deployed seats

  • Number of seats that expire in 60 days and 30 days

  • Number of expired seats

  • Number of over-deployed clients

  • Associated serial numbers of shorter duration (multi-year licenses)

License status is not available for a trialware license.

To determine if your installation uses a paid license or a trialware license

  1. In the console, click Admin.

  2. On the Admin page, click Licenses.

To check license status for paid licenses

  1. In the console, click Home.

  2. On the Home page, click Licensing Details.

See Licensing Symantec Endpoint Protection.

See Importing a license.

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There is no way to check online on how many Licenses have you used.

However, as Mohan Suggested, it could be checked from the SEPM.

See Checking license status.

See About renewing your Symantec Endpoint Protection license.

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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As per mohan, we can check the approx status from sepm but if we want to know the exact status of our license is being used its not possible....

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Yes Mohan is saying right


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It is not possible to check that how many license has been used in the total purchesed license.

Other then that it is possible to check the total number of purchased license and the expiray date of those license on the following link.

Steps to check the number of license and the date of expiray.

1.    Please create ID above mentioned link and enter the full information of your support ID.

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Please check license status in SEPM console Homepage. You will get one License link in Consle Home page with Red/Orange/Green color. Please click on that..........You will get

  • License serial number, total seat count, expiration date

  • Number of valid seats

  • Number of deployed seats


Santhosh Reddy