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In SEPM 12.1.1101.401 client versions not available

Created: 11 Dec 2012 | 6 comments

I am currently working to upgrade a bunch of SEP 11 clients to version 12.  In doing this I noticed that a bunch of clients are showing up in SEPM with the client version unavailable.  Most information on these clients is not available.  What is strange is that when I log into one of these clients they are getting the green dot in the taskbar indicating they are connected and when I open Symantec on the client it is showing it as being connected to the manager.  They are also recieving Definitions as they are up to date.  I tried replacing the Sylink.xml file, however it does not resolve the issue.  Any ideas on what to try?

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pete_4u2002's picture

is it blank?

can you delete from console and check if it shows up in console with version detail?


_Brian's picture

Search for the client in SEPM, does it show up twice? once as online, the other saying not availanle?

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I cannot erase the clients as we have out AD structure imported into SEPM.


Brian, I did search for the client and it did show up twice.  In the AD OU where the machine is actually located it shows up as client version unavailable, but in another OU it shows up as connected.  The issue now is I sync'd the OU where the client was showing up as connected and because the machine was not in that AD OU it removed it from SEPM and now when I search the only one that is showing up is the one with the client version unavailable.

When I open the client and go to Help troubleshooting, it also shows it as being in the incorrect OU.

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can you move into a different AD group, let it sync, than move it back to the correct one?

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I did that and when I moved it into a different OU and sync'd and then moved it back into the correct AD OU and sync'd both times it shows up as client version unavailable.