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SEPM 12.1.3 and VMware Fusion 5.2 with vShield 5.1

Created: 01 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
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got evertying configured so far.

vshield manager, vshield endpoints

SEP is installed and comnfigured with the SIC and VIE policies configured

exported communications file and installed SVC already

here is what is puzzling and cant find any info...

on the base gvm template or base image, I installed SEP 12.1.3 as unmanaged client, then I ran the full scan, cleaned up the quarantine etc and ran vietool with --generate and --hash, all that works fine. then ran the ClientSideClonePrepTool without any issues. after all that I powered off the base GVM and performed a vmware snapshot of the powered off GVM template base image VM. I then recompose virtual clones from this new snapshot. now here is where I am lost. 

1: do I push the SEP client again from the SEPM to the clones VM's? since the base image SEP install as unmanaged


2: do I go back to the base image and push the SEP to the base image so its managed and then perform the above symantec steps to prepare the base image and then recompose?

thanks for your help in advance

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"solution 1" requires that every time you deploy a system based on that image, you will have to push the managed SEP package, it seems to me an unnecessary step with a waste of time and bandwidth that you can avoid with "solution 2", i.e. do it once and forget.