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SEPM 12.x Custom Scan Config

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 9 comments

Greetings - I have some scan exclusions set up in SEPM for some of our servers. However, we wish to scan these locations once a week. When I try to set up a custom scan in SEPM, I do not seem to be able to enter a drive letter and path. It appears that the only options available are some preconfigured variables. None of these are  suitable for what I want to scan once a week. Can anyone shed light on this issue for me?


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You would need to exclude these drive letters/paths in the Exceptions policy. You can't do this under the scan section in the SEPM.

Click on Policies

Select Exceptions

Create a new Exceptions policy and add your exceptions. Than you can assign the policy to whichever group needs it.

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Thanks, Brian - my problem isn't creating exclusions. That part is done. What I would like to do is scan the excluded locations once a week via a scheduled/custom scan. The thought track is that the excluded locations will be more responsive during normal working hours but, once a week, we'd like to make sure they're still okay via a scheduled/custom scan. Doable?

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This isn't possible that I know of.

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As a follow up, I can create scheduled/custom scans on each individual server and select a drive location, etc., but that option isn't available in SEPM; at least not that I can tell.

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There is no option to select a different drive letter other than C: from the scheduled/custom scan section.

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Thank you for confirming that for me. The 'higher ups' wanted me to do so.

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I like the idea of doing that though. My guess is once SEP see's it as excluded than there is no other way around it. If it's in the exclusion list than it's a done deal.

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Are these locations mapped drives or on local drive..if they are mapped drive then you need to enable network scanning for the group.

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As for now unfortunately no option in SEP to force the scan of excluded locations - what is excluded stays excluded. One possible workaround would be to switch the selected clients to a different policy that would not have these exclusions and then scan - but the whole procedure of this would be quite troublesome I suppose.