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Created: 01 Mar 2014 | 6 comments

Hello Guys

I need to get a list of computers are in AD but not added in SEPM.

I can get the list of all computers added in SEPM but its hard to get from AD. 

Is there is inbuild function\feature in SEPM12.1X can get the data from AD and can export the list in excel format,.. or if there is any other alternate..??

-Thank You.

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SEPM can sync with AD. Do you have this setup? It's not going to show PCs in AD but not in SEPM. It's just an easy way to keep better organization. Run an AD dump and the Computer status report in SEPM and import into excel and do a compare

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Monitors - logs - computer status report

Export it, sort it in excel

Simillary export the machines from AD, 

Do a vlookup in excel. difference is the machine which dont have SEP


or Configure an unmanged detector it will give you the list of machines which do not have SEP installed.

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When you integrate the SEpM witg AD all the group which you added in console will reflect as AD

Client which are not install/corrupted sep will reflect offline. You can configure the unmanage detector to get the ip of that clients.

link shared by rafeeq to configure unmanage detector.


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SEPM can't pull the information/report from Active directory.

But group those are Synch with the AD strcuture all those clients will be displayed in the SEPM console by default.

You can only Synch the groups not clients, in that case just identify which groups are not synched.

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I can pullthe data from SEPM but AD doesn't have such feature.. from AD i have get the users data which I really dont need. Any clue how can I get the data(computer names ) from AD tools.

Thanks again

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You can do this for Csvde commands

csvde -f computer.csv -d " DC=Yahoo,DC=com" -r "objectclass=computer" -l "CN"

 DC=Yahoo,DC=com -> You can enter your Domain LDAP path,That query export below filed.

DN =>Computer host name LDAP path

CN => Computer Host Name