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SEPM console and java version 6.x fixed

Created: 14 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
Previously the SEPM console would only work with JRE 1.5.x and not 1.6.x.  Sun has just released 1.6 update 4 which solves this problem.  Besides having to install JRE 1.6u4, you must also be running SEPM MR1 for this to work.  I just tested the new JRE on 2 XP systems and 1 Vista and the SEPM console now works fine.

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I updated yesterday and this did not work, i still have a blank on the virus distribution.  so what other recommendations are there?
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Just a shot in the dark here Josie.
After I removed all previous versions of the JRE (1.6.03 and 1.5.12) and installed the new 1.6.04, I had to reboot to login to the console.  Once I was in, the home and monitor pages wouldn't load on my Vista machine.  The fix was to right-click the SEPM console shortcut, go to the compatibility tab, then put a tick in the Run this program as an administrator checkbox under Privilege Level.
Another thing you can try is to remove the console, then reinstall from http://<server>:9090.
Maybe this will help.
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I did try this and, it kind of worked, the graph does not show the right signatures it shows back from Dec 20th, however if i click within the graph it does show the current data.  However in order to get to this i first had to choose intrusion prevention, then switch back to the virus definitions distribution.  How odd is that?  I don't know where it is getting the dec 20th info?
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Just wanted to mention that I installed this update today and all is working fine within the SEPM console on Windows 2003 Std SP2 and Windows XP SP2.
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Your issue might be related to the one in another thread. .  A symantec employee has posted a possible fix you may want to try.