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SEPM LiveUpdate encountered one or more errors. Return code = 4

Created: 10 Dec 2013 | 15 comments

Hi to all,

In SEPM server not getting updated but Internal live update server download and distribute is successfully.

How to update the SEPM.Kindly help me.

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Duplicate thread

Juct check SEPM can update .JDB file How to update definitions for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) using a .jdb file
Article:TECH102607 | Created: 2007-01-08 | Updated: 2013-06-18 | Article URL
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Hi Mahesh,

You can delete this thread and continue with the old thread because it's still in active state.

Chetan Savade
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My issue has been not solved.

My SEPM server is not getting update.

And which clients profile's are configured as get update from SEPM server there are also not getting update.

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Its obvious that clients will not get update because your SEPM does not have latest defs to distribute.

What are the steps you followed so far....

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I am trying to manully download live update content from admin menu in SEPM Management console.

It is showing unexpected server error.

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Did you try manuaaly update

How to update definitions for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) using a .jdb file

Article:TECH102607 | Created: 2007-01-08 | Updated: 2013-06-18 | Article URL

also you are use SQL 2005 so just try below articles help you.

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Do you have plenty of space on C:?

Check your lue.log file for errors

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Hi James,

I have tried to manually update using jdb update file.But in SEPM Management Console still showing Nov 25 Definition.

As per event logs i have found Definition download success but install failed.

I have changed the root.xml mentioned in Article after that Symantec Manager service is automatically stoping when i open the console.Then i revert back to old root.xml file.

Hi Brain,

I am Having 8GB Free space in C Drive.

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You can clear old virus defination as per below articles Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1 is not updating 32-bit or 64-bit virus definitions due to corrupt content
Article:TECH166923  |  Created: 2011-08-10  |  Updated: 2013-06-20  |  Article URL
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Hi James007,

I deleted the old definitions.and i  have selelcted in SEPM console admin ---->edited the source servers to server.

then it got updates and if i give internal live update server it is not getting.

Now SEPM is having  Dec 10 r24 update.And clients alos got updated upto Dec 10 r24

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As per log previous thread

Try this articles and check again and post the logs

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Server Connection Recommendations

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Can you please update on the solution provided.