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SEPM not updating definitions daily - need help!

Created: 09 Jul 2012 • Updated: 09 Jul 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We've got SEPM v11.0.5002.33 platform.  I noticed our Symantec Endpoint Clients (both X64 & X86 clients) are not updated after Friday, July 6 2012 (r36) last week, and it shows the same date on SEPM 'Virus Definitions Distribution' pane as well.  I rebooted the managerment server as it usually clears any mess and do quick updates or solve any typical freezing issues, but still update date remained the same.  From SEPM homepage I clicked 'Definitions' under 'Security Response' pane which took me right into 'Virus Definitions & Security Updates' website where the details looked apprently the same ---

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x - 12.0 (32-bit)

Definitions Created: 7/6/2012
Definitions Released 7/7/2012
Extended Version: 7/6/2012 rev. 36
Definitions Version: 140706aj
Sequence Number: 135796
Number of Signatures: 18,797,185
Here is the question, are not AV updates created and sent on a daily basis from Symantec? Because for long time I haven't noticed a similar delay of 3-4 days like this and it has always shown the previous date on client's status window.. appreciate a nice clarification from someone!!
Importantly, how can I manually force the SEPM to download updates other than waiting for the daily or hourly schedule? From whcih management pane I can do this click-n-go ?

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everything is O.K.

It seems tha Symantec has technical  issues by building new definition files. This is not usual. So please keep cool Signatures will be delivered shortly. Now ne signatures were displayed at their website but still are not available by the SEPM.

Just wait some minutes and you'll get them...

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Clearly some of us will be fielding questions from our customers as well, so an official statement would be much appreciated.

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Similar thread is available

Latest update is new definitions are released now.

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
Enterprise Technical Support

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Thank you Chetan and All... It looks good now with the definition date Sunday, July 8 2012 r24 :)

Quite an unusual thing though...

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Thanks Chetan!

I can confirm that 7/8/2012 rev. 24 with sequence number 135841 are now installed on my SEPM.