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SEPM Second Site Synchronization Failure

Created: 20 Dec 2013 | 10 comments

I am attempting to migrate our SEPM to a new server on the same local network. I am following the instructions available here:

I initially had issues replicating the database as described here:

So I set the stack as described there. However after that "fix" it still does not work correctly. It will attempt to connect and sync for many hours and then fail near the end and give me the following error:

Synchronization to the remote site failed: [Sybase][JDBC Driver][SQL Anywhere] Connection was terminated

I have tried several times and it ends the same way ever time. I have disabled all known firewalls on both machines. 

I have tried adding the new server as a second management server in the site, but this will not create the new database I need, and I do not know the old embedded database password (as well as I have tried several tiems to recover it using instructions found here and it fails).

I am at wits end trying to figure out why its not completing the sync. 

Operating Systems:

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on the secondary site sepm\logs do you see replication.log?

trevor217's picture

No I do not. I did a quick search for it, and there is no file named replication.log on the secondary site server.

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Yes, as part of the process I updated the previous site prior to the new site/migration. 

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Hello Team, 

Does the ports are opened on the Network side?



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Yes in preperation for this site migration I turned off the firewalls on both machines. The old machine is running SEP so I disabled that, the new machine is a Server 2012 virtual machine and I turned off the windows firewall for this process.

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What's the exact SEPM version?

Is there any hardware firewall in between them?

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