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SEPM showing offline clients - but everything connected and up to date.

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 20 Feb 2013 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Running 4 SEPM's - SEP 12 RU2. Clients running SEP 12RU1 and servers running SEP 12RU2.

This morning all the machines were online and up to date on the SEPM. About 1hr thereafter, SEPM reported on the home page that all the machines were
out of date and offline. However, when checking the agents on the SEPM's , all are connecting and up to date. I checked all the GUP's and several machines at head office. All show connected (green dot), checked the logs and it shows connected. Why is the SEPM reporting all machines are offline?

Any ideas?

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Restart SEPM services and check the status again, whats the heartbeat interval for these clients|?

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Restarted all services and still shows offline. The heartbeat is set to 2 hrs.

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Do you have any patch activity in SEPM server.

Try to restart sepm server.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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What happens if you restart one of the clients? - is it still shown offline on SEPM?

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When i restart the client - machine is connected (green dot), Checking the SEPM, it shows out-of-date on the home page.

When I choose the out-of date list - SONAR contect is shown out-of-date 16 Jan 2013 r11 for the client.

ARe these defs correct: What are the latest?

AV - 19th Feb 2013 r24

PTP - 16 Jan 2013 r11

NTP - 16 Jan 2013 r11

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It looks like it was the SONAR defs. Once I ran the Liveupdate again on the SEPM, it updated the SEPM itself and the status on the home page showed as up to date and online.

Is there anyway to get the SONAR defs manually updated?

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There is none - you can only update AV defs manually. SONAR defs can be updated either from Symantec Liveupdate Servers / internal LUA or SEPM or through GUP.