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SEPM showing update on Home page but in admin tab it showing old definition file

Created: 09 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

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Can you provide virus defination date ?

Windows Latest Symantec Version:

 Windows Latest Manager Version

Can you paste log.liveupdate ?

have you configure auto update virus defination in all server ?

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Probably those 33 clients got their updates from the Liveupdate server (internet).

Check if "Liveupdate Server" is enabled in the liveupdate policy for those clients. If yes, this is normal. The clients got the new definition before the SEPM downloaded it.

If you don't want the clients to get the updates from Liveupdate server, disable this option in the liveupdate policy for the clients.

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looks like LU is enabled on those 32 clients and have then the updates from Symantec Liveupdate.

can you manually run LU on SEPM to know if it fails?

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I have also found 3-4 systems in my n/w which is updated with latest definition other is old.

It possible because i have set the schedule at night.

3-4 systems are getting update directly from syamntec LU server not from internal manager.

For your reff... Try the LUALL command and check the status after getting proper defintion.

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Agree with above comments, try to run the manually live update and confirm the result.

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Yes we have configured the Live Update server(3.0) but if the client taking auto-update from Live Update then my SEPM console must also got updated with latest definition file?

Note:- we don't have internet on SEPM server.

Thanks & Regards,

Nagesh Singh