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SEPM v11.0.7200.1147 Does not have a License Update Option

Created: 14 May 2013 | 9 comments

My Enterprise SEP license expired on May 12, 2013.  I purchased the renewal, but the SEPM does not give me a License Update option in the Admin page.  As a result, I am unable to download the latest virus definitions.


Does anyone know how to resolve this without going through the pain and anguish of upgrading to 12.x?

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There is no license activation option in SEP 11.x as it is a paper license - so if you have already purchased the renewal for it you are fine.

Have a look here:

Does Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 require a license file?

Article:TECH103025  |  Created: 2007-01-05  |  Updated: 2011-02-16  |  Article URL


In case you would want to upgrade the license to 12.1:

How to upgrade your Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 license to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 online

Article:HOWTO56030  |  Created: 2011-07-20  |  Updated: 2011-09-06  |  Article URL


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Not sure why your defs would stop updating. What happens if you manually run a LiveUpdate?

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SEP 11.x licensing is basically just a "paper" license product

Does Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 require a license file?


Article:TECH103025  |  Created: 2007-01-05  |  Updated: 2011-02-16  |  Article URL

if your sepm are not updating virus defination could you please provide log.liveupdate logs.

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Check the attach thread


Contact with Symantec Tech Team

Check these Steps below:

How to create a new case in MySymantec

Phone numbers to contact Tech Support:-

Regional Support Telephone Numbers:

  • United States: 800-342-0652 (407-357-7600 from outside the United States)
  • Australia: 1300 365510 (+61 2 8220 7111 from outside Australia)
  • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 870 606 6000


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SEP 11.x licensing is paper license you don't need to any license file.

If your sepm server are not able to download virus defination you can identify root cause.

Symantec Endpoint Protection: LiveUpdate Troubleshooting Flowchart
Article: TECH95790   |  Created: 2009-01-26   |  Updated: 2012-03-30   | 
Article URL

Troubleshooting LiveUpdate Issues with Symantec Endpoint protection



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License Tab is only avaialble in 12.x version. 11.x version running on the base of paper license. There is the other reason behin the issue.

Let me know

What is the last updated defintion on SEP Manager?

What is the last updated defintion on SEP Client?

Clients are reporting to manger?


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Thank you for the quick replies.  I'm not sure why it took so long, but my server finally retrieved the latest defs last night.  We had purchased the renewal prior to expiration date, but it stopped retrieving as of 4/30/2013.  Anyway, it looks like it is back on track.

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Glad it is working again. The problem may have been not connected to licensing at all - as mentioned SEPM  11.x does not have any enforcement rules on expired licenses - the state of your paper license on the product here should have no impact on defs download.

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It's great that issue has been sort out. Infuture if you will find this error, try to run the luall command for download defintion manually on server.