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Sequrity issue?

Created: 21 Sep 2011 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Have a question...

I have one centralized server (lets call it BS11) and two managed servers of SBE (BS11M and BS11A).

On the BS11M configured tasks, exist medias and created media sets. On the BS11A there are no any tasks. On the BS11 I can see medias and the media sets that exist on the BS11M. But also (and that is the root my qyuestion) these medias and media sets are visible on the BS11A. And also from the BS11A I can reassing medias from one set to another.

The problem is that in the future i will delegate control of the BS11A to the other administrator and I dont want him to be able to make changes to the medias on the servers.

Please explain me my mistake if there is.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you running a CASO setup perhaps? If not, then those servers will be stand-alones and not able to see each other's media and device information.

Even if you delegate control to a work colleague, if he has domain admin priviledges he can make changes to the setup on BE...


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Oh, sorry i didnt mention...

Sure, we have CASO environment. Device and media information stored on the centralized server.

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...then you will always see other servers hardware details on other MMS servers, but never their jobs. This will all be available on the CASO server though where you will see jobs and device information, as well as be able to delegate jobs to any MMS server.

That is by design, so what you have is correct.

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