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Server behind firewall restore

Created: 25 Nov 2013 • Updated: 02 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi All,
I have a server behing firewall, would there be any issue in restoring data from backup of such client.
What are the things I need to take in consideration before initiating the restore process.
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What kind of data? Filesystem backup or database agent restores?

Restores need similar firewall access as backups. 

For filesystem backup where Backup Selection specifies drive letters, mount points, filesystems, etc, the following comms path is needed from client point of view:

media server <-1556-> client

No comms with master is needed.
For server directed restores (initiated from master), the same comms path is needed.
(No connection between master and client)

For database backups and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive, same comms is needed as for user-directed restores:
master <-1556-> client
media server <-1556-> client

For client initiated restores, client firstly needs to connect to bprd on master (via PBX - port 1556).
The master server then hands off restore instruction to media server. 
media server <-1556-> client
Master also needs to update user_ops log for client-initiated restore. This means that master - client comms is needed in both directions:
master <-1556-> client
Database restores is always initiated from the client. So above also applies.
master <-1556-> client 
media server <-1556-> client.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Marianne,
By your post what I came to know is, we only need the same sort of communication which is required to take backup of client.
No more special consideration is to be taken during the restore of server behind firewal, Any sort of restore, file system or whatever.
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There are a few odd cases such as SharePoint and GRT backups

Take a look through this tech note:

This hay also help and looks fairly up to date:\business\support\resources\sites\BUSINESS\content\live\TECHNICAL_SOLUTION\178000\TECH178855\en_US\NetBackup_Firewall_Ports_Rev2.pdf

Hope this helps

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