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server-centric model with VMware?

Created: 15 Jul 2013 • Updated: 27 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
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after upgrading to BackupExec 2012 a few weeks ago we are struggling to get our backup together again.

On point i'm curious about now is how to handle the new "server-centric model" in a VMware-environment.

From Symantec documentation it says:

"Backup Exec 2012 supports a server-centric model with one backup job per server.


No longer will one server's failed backup cause the entire job to fail, as with previous versions."

Now 99% of our servers are virtual machines. How would / should i organize our virtual machines in BackupExec 2012 backup jobs?

If i choose the virtual machine in the backup view ("Windows-Computer (virtual computer)") BackupExec bypasses our VirtualCenter/ESX and the backup-job uses a direct connection to the installed backup-agent.

If i choose the VirtualCenter (and limit the selection inside to the desired virtual machines) the whole backup-job fails upon a single virtual machine problem. -> no server-centric model her

So anyone has advice how to handle the virtual environment efficiently in BackupExec 2012?

Thanks in advance.



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VMware agent jobs are host centric (even in 2012) that host can either be the vCenter or the individual ESX host however you can still select multiple VMs in one job etc

i.e. for VMs 2012 works the same way it did in 2010 R3

As such if you were using our VMware agent before you upgraded then use it the same way now.

The statement about 2012 moving to a server centric model relates to direct remote agent backups and not the virtual agents