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Server Clean Up For Space

Created: 27 Mar 2013 | 13 comments

I was wondering what were the best things to delete from my server if I am getting close to being tied up on space?  Anything that I can get rid of without harming anything or things that I wont need at a later point in time.  Log files etc. things like that.

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If you have IIS logging turned on that's usually a great place to start.  You can easily suck up massive amounts of space for these logs due to the really high transactional nature of the platform.

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Thanks, that reclaimed 11gb! Anyone else have any ideas to add to this one?

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Not from an app perspective.  I've found that over time your patch downloads will eventually consume the most disk space.  Best practice would be to install the app on your D: drive or somewhere else that you can easily expand.

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Yes the OS and Altiris are loaded on the C: and the D: we keep for SQL and applications/software packages.

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Now that I think of it, what can I do to trim space in SQL. Is there anything in there that would be unnecessary after a while that might take up space?

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You can set your purging rules to retain less data but there's nothing that you should consider manually snipping out.

Settings > Notification Server > Purging Maintenance

However, it seems like you should try to plan on a bit of a redesign going forward.  You want to have the SQL box stand alone.  Put your packages on their own share (or a NAS if you have access to one).  And put Altiris on a separate drive from your OS.

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Looks like "Clean Up File Resources" and "Purging Maintenance" were already set up.  Thanks for the tip though.

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If you use the deployment part of SMP 7, you might have .gho files that takes up space.

We found that each time we capture a new computer, a new ghost file is created on the server. We make new captures once in a while to incorporate as many OS fixes as possible, so we ended up with a lot of unused .gho files in the system. Each .gho file is somewhere between 5GB and 10GB.

You can find out how many .gho files you have on the server, by looking in \Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler\image. This folder contains folders named with a GUID.

To find the .gho resource links in SMP, go to Manage->All Resources->Software Component->Image Resource. If the resources is not used in any jobs/tasks, they can be removed from SMP by right clicking->Delete.

Deleting the resource does not remove the .gho file, so before deleting any resource, open the resource manager, and view Inventory for the .gho resource. In Data Classes->Software Management->Image Resource Component, the path to the .gho is displayed. Note which .gho folder to delete before deleting the SMP resource.

We have not found any thing not working after deleting .gho files and resources this way.

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If you are talking about the imaging portion, then no.  We do not use that.

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As you're running your SQL server on the same box do you have SQL backups building up?  If so you could probably configure SQL to put them somewhere else.

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SQL is on the same box but we have SQL set up to automatically clip anything beyond two back-ups.  I think thats what yau are reffering to right?

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Or write those backups to a different share or somewhere else.

Have you been able to solve your space problems?  Or, are you looking for additional thoughts or advice?

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It is better than it was, but if anyone has any additional ideas, those are apprecited as well.