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Created: 16 Nov 2012 • Updated: 13 Jan 2013 | 11 comments
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i got a quick question regarding the Server Migration Wizard:

On the EV 9.0 Server we have several Windows Partitions (E to P) with EV Data on it (dvs and Indexes). Each WIndows Partition equals a Vault Store Partition (one Vault store with 12 Partitions). This structure had grown over time for a reason thats no longer valid.

I know that when i migrate the EV Server to new hardware, that i have to use the same Drive letters. 


Is it possible to merge the Partitions to one drive with the Server Migration Wizard? 

I dont need to merge the Vault Store Partitions. I just want to get ride of the Windows Partitions for clarity purposes. 


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No, server settings migration wizard need the same driveletters as you already found out.

Only way is to move archives, and so create empty archive partitions which you can delete.

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i just found this in the Server Migration Guide (Page 23):

During the import, the wizard gives you the opportunity to specify different data
locations and SQL server details from those used by the source server. If you have
made all these available to the target server at the same locations, you do not need
to make any changes.
If i read that right, i can just copy everything with robocopy from Windows Partition E-H from the Source Server to Windows Partition E on the Target Server and then specify E on the Target Server as the new data location for alle Partitions? 
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You are right, that is also possible and supported.

I have only done migrations where I copied the data to exact the same driveletters.

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I would recommend creating a top level folder for each partition.  For example, if you have h:\vault store and j:\vault store in the new drive you would have a d:\H_Vault_Store and d:\J_Vault_Store

I think it will be easier to manage and trouble shoot if you keep some separtion.

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I agree with Tony - and you can do the same specifying-different-folder/path for index locations.

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Hi, thanks for your answers!

Is there a possible error source i can run into? So far i only migrated with datapaths staying unchanged.

Regarding the Index Files:
The Index Files in the current server environmet are damaged. The Plan is to rebuild them as 64bit anyway. Do i need to copy the damaged Index Files for the migration Wizard to complete or is it possible to choose an empty path on the new server and rebuild the index files in a later step?

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Well, you don't want to mix up the data paths.  It's like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters.

Regarding index files.

Don't know whether the wizard 'checks' the folder you point it to or not.  Damaged?  That doesn't sound good...  do you know why?  I mean is the same sort of damage likely to take place in the future?

Regarding rebuild..

Time/duration of that depends on size of environment, and location of archived files.  Remember to 'upgrade' the index file is actually a retrieval from storage, and reindex...  therefore you need ALL of the archived data accessible.

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It's like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters.

He he :) Ok!

Damaged?  That doesn't sound good...  do you know why?  I mean is the same sort of damage likely to take place in the future?

Yes, it was due to a failed DB Migrate from an SQL2005 to SQL2008. The DB in the new Server was running for ~6 Hours (no archiving, just idle). The Admin then toke the old SQL 2005 DB back into operation. Some index volumes didnt liked that. 

We will migrate the old data to a single Volume as suggested:

Volume 1
Folder: VaultStore_H, including 2 Subfolders: EntvaultIndex and Entvault Store of Partition H
Folder: VaultStore_J, including Subfolders: EntvaultIndex and Entvault Store of Partition J
Folder: VaultStore_K, including Subfolders: EntvaultIndex and Entvault Store of Partition K

and so on. 

Volume 2
New Vault Store Partition. All fresh and new :)
Folder: EntvaultPartition

Volume 3
Index Volume
Folder: EntvaultIndex

Do i need to use Robocopy or can i copy and paste the EV-Archiv Data from the EV Server to the new Server (using the Service Account..)?


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I have done several migrations and always copied the files with robocopy.

If you create a script you can already copy the data when the 'old' server is still running. After the server-settings-migration wizard is runned, the EV services are stopped and you can run robocopy again. It will copy the last new data to the new EV server. And you are ready to go..

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Ok, I was just confused by this

Step 7 Says copy and paste.

I guess:

robocopy.exe /mir /LOG:datacopy.log \\OldEV \\NewEV *.*

will do the job.

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Yes, that will do, but add the share/path, for example \\oldEV\H$\VaultStoreA \\newEV\H$\VaultStoreA

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