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server is offline and client policy no is different from server policy no

Created: 21 Mar 2012 • Updated: 21 Mar 2012 | 16 comments

i am using symantec 11.0.6200.754 version .

when iam installing package on clients system,every system get installed and updation is taking place & in some system updation is not taking place(some vista os system).

i have copied sylink.xml from server to client

and ping is taking place between client and server but secars test get failed(while running secars test it show error message as

2.another one error is

3.third error is

i have a doubt that, why some system is creating this problem where i am using the correct package for the system only.

i have been trying for nearly for two week but no solution,please help me to find a solution.

Note:  The client system updated is only showing in the sepm console where remaining system is not showing in the console.

The system which is not updated having  different policy no. i have checked in client system and manually  updated the policy using the step

help&support-->troubleshooting-->update,       in the client system.

where server is not showing any change it remains as  offline only.

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Ashish-Sharma's picture


you can be telnet server name and port 8014


telnet 8014

if you are unsucess kindly check you network team and open the firewall port.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Can try and post the sylink log on the thread, if not can you atleast post the checkpoint 4 activity of the logs on the thread?

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yes,first you can check your firewall port (Client to Server 8014 ,80 ) are open or not ?

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try to test Remote Desktop to SEPM server from Client

uncheck the proxy setting in Client

or ask proxy admin to bypass SEPM server for all  SEP clients

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guys i have found the problem and i have some doubt 

in our company we are using 12 vlan

client which is not connecting with server ,when i am changing the vlan of the client to another vlan then the updation taking place immediately in the client.

this problem taking place in 4 vlan and remaining 8 vlan clients have no problem.

i dont know what to do can u guys give me some ideas.

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Hi naveen,

Kindly check are able to telnet client to server and server to client.


Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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telnet is taking place from client to server

but is is not taking place from server to client is shows error "connecting to <ip address>....could not open connection to host,on the port 8443:connect failed

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check with your network admin and proxy admin.

also check SEPM server firewall setting.

or check is there any other firewall or ACL is implemented by your network admin.