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Servers are not showing up in Manage - Computers - Altiris 7

Created: 28 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

I've noticed that some of my servers are not showing up when I navigate to Manage - Computers. When I jump on the box I see the agent speaking to the right NS with a recent Config Request date. I do see, however, that the last Inventory sent date was the day before. I notice that when I see this occuring, inventory is always a day late...which is OK because we expect inventory once a day.

If I perform a Resource Membership Update, it will reappear. Whats going on?


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Hey rpleasan,

If i understood correctly every time you perfofm a Membership Update manually at the filter, the computers apeears.

If this is the situation, there is a detail about the Resource Membership Update (Delta and Complete) that goes unnoticed by many people. These schedules for Membership Update are only applied to filters referenced by policies. Maybe the filter that you are watching is not one of these.

To ensure that all your filters are update automatically (maybe daily), you would configure a task to Update All Collections.

Go to Manage -> Jobs and Tasks -> Create a task "Update Filter Membership", and select all filters you have. Select "Force filter update" also. After this schedule the task to be executed in a regular basis, for example daily.

Please could you verify if this helped you?


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Thanks Fabio,

This is helpful for sure but I am not referring to filter membership update. When I go to Manage - Computers (computers by org group) and enter a computer name into the resource search window, it doesnt show up. I know that the computer has an agent and that the agent is communicating with NS. The Inventory section on the Agent shows a date of yesterday but the config request is today. If I update to today then go to Resource Membership Update and perform a full update, the computer will then appear in Manage-Computers. It seems that the NS is forgetting that some computers exist.


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Let me add that I see this problem on two NS servers. One with CMS and one with SMS. If I setup a policy in the CMS and send a task to this computer, it receives the policy and runs the tasks. But the computer is still not listed in Manage - Computers.