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Service Catalog changes/permissions - not taking effect

Created: 21 Apr 2010

Under 'Admin' - 'Service Catalog Settings'  I have added a couple new 'Category' items.

I have granted the built in group 'All Users'  View access and I have granted the Permission 'Applications.DirectoryService.DefaultAccess' full access.

Now if I go into my 'Tickets' tab, I see them, but back on the 'Submit Request' tab they are not there.

I have also deleted the default item 'Office and File Worklow' (because it was empty).  On the 'Tickets' tab its gone and on the 'Submit Request' tab its still present.

I have closed my browser, deleted my browser cache, even tried a different browser and the behavior persists.  How do I get the Service Catalog to update on the 'Submit Request' tab??????

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