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Created: 22 Nov 2012 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys,

Trying to install service desk 7.5 but already struggling with installing the workflow solution first.

When workflow tries to install it fails with "error getting current database version" (added screenshot)

I'm not sure if this helps but the web server and application roles have been installed; aswell as iis compatibility mode.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

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I had this problem too. When going through the installation steps you need to put the username for workflow designer (or was it manager?) in an email address format. In my case it was the same username I used for my database but had to be entered as username@domain for some reason.

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thanks Eric,

I tried but it still did not work...

maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I've added screens and logs maybe you can see something I'm not...

workflowsettings.PNG workflowsettings1.PNG workflowsettings2.PNG workflowsettings3.PNG workflowsettings4.PNG
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I also see that you use the same account for the install of the database and the application identity, I recommend using 2 diffrent accounts.

What I normaly is: Use a SQL account to install and of course a Windows account for the run time account.

I have had never any trouble doing it this way.

Rob Hilberding Sr. Consultant ExpressAbility

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Eric is right, based on your screenshots (in the first post) the Workflow Admin Account was not configured to be in an e-mail format as Workflow Setup expects.

The requirements for the account formatting are unfortunately not clearly defined neither in the UI nor in the documentation. We are working on amending that.

Workflow Admin Account is the account that in previous Workflow versions was defaulted to admin(at) or admin(at) It will be a hardcoded admin account native to Process Manager. To make sure AD Sync does not try to interact with this account, it is recommended not to use an actual AD account for it.

This is the KB article you want to take a look at:
TECH199572: Workflow part of the ServiceDesk 7.5 installation will fail if the admin account name is incorrectly configured

Regarding the message about database, if you are installing into a new database, that message appearing in log is completely normal (as the database just does not exist yet).

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Seems, in my case anyway, that this may be related to an issue with the WebPI not working on a Domain Controller.  See here:  Will wait for updates on that other thread and cross post anything here if relevant/helpful.

Wael Hilal

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thanks to everyone for the help, got it installled... :-)

now to read the 300 page config guide...