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service desk sp2: An error occured. please try your request later

Created: 28 Jun 2012 • Updated: 29 Jun 2012 | 8 comments


Error in Service Desk Sp2, upon creating ticket, an error prompted:

An error occured, please try your request later or contact at....

Any known issue?


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Is there anything being reported in the incident management logs? They're located at <install>/Logs.

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As reecardo mentioned, there will be more information in the logs. You can use the log viewer to see all entries for all processes (located in Start Menu at Symantec\Workflow Designer\Tools). Or you can go straight to log files.

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Please see attached logs from our 2nd testing machine, same problem is encountered


LogViewer Data2.xlsx 9.99 KB
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I am seeing a couple things... the first is a 404 error when trying to contact the SMP during some component runs. I'd verify your SMP credentails added during install are correct in Workflow Explorer. If they are, I'd verify that Administrator SDK is installed on the SMP (required for report component runs)

I'm also seeing "Invalid session ID". Unsure if this is related, but we have some fixed to "empty session ID" checked into the SP2 rollup available.

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I agree with reecardo - check your SMP credentials in Workflow Credentials Manager (a different tab in Workflow Explorer - the same UI for the Log Viewer). Verify your address and credentials and use the Test function on your SMP credential entry.

However, i don't believe this is what is causing your submission failure. I noticed the "Verify Session ID failed" error for the SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm process. How have you configured your Process Manager authentication on this server, and which user account are you using to try to submit your incident? This error can be caused by manually modifying the Admin account, among other causes.

The log you posted from your first server showed a variety of errors, but none specifically from Incident Submission. It may be helpful to clear the log, perform your test, and then capture the log immediately afterward.