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Created: 01 Apr 2014 | 5 comments
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I am trying to automated services desk process with the help of Workflow, I want the to create workflow for Software Request and Software Harvesting. I tried finding in default packages but its not present

I am working with workflow 7.5

Thanks & Regards

Mitt Gori

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Are you talking about the default service desk workflows?

If so, do you have service desk installed or just workflow? If service desk is not installed them the workflow is not on the system.

Also, if you are talking about the base workflow that runs the incident management workflow, it is not published. You can only edit the 'add on' forms for service desk, not the core.

You will likely need to build this from scratch.

David Parks

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There are probably several ways to attempt this.

You could create a workflow application from scratch using the SMP 7 components to collect information from CMDB and use process manager inside of workflow.(You may even be able to package up your custom workflow and install it on your new service desk server so that it will run inside of your service desk process manager)

Or you could use the email monitoring within servicedesk to auto create a ticket from a web form which you can create inside of workflow.

It all depends an where you would like the automation to happen. If you want the software to be automatically added to a custom filter inside of your SMP which is configured to a software policy that runs ever night or whenever it see a package missing. The first option is probably the best.

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I am having Service Desk and Workflow 7.5 installed, In ealier version we used have readymade software request template. Now we have to create it manually, so can any one help me out on same.

We tried importing ealier template in 7.5 but its not able to open it.

Thanks & Regards

Mitt Gori

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There used to be a software request template and software management modules in early releases of Servicedesk.  Those no longer exist.  There was no demand to maintain them in the product.  Of course you should, with a little effort, be able to open the projects in 7.5 and possibly review them as a design idea for your own replacement project.

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HI Bring,

Thanks for reply, the older one whihc is available with us contain the customize component so we need to remove them to open the workflow. Hence we are not able to get the idea how to create the project.

We try to install 7.0 and get the default one but 7.0 was not getting installed.

Would be great if you can help us in finding the 7.0 default template without customization or help in creating same in 7.5

Thanks & Regards

Mitt Gori