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Service Group unable to failover

Created: 18 Sep 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi Guys,

Need help..

I had recently installed SF HA 6.0 in a RHEL 6 Servers (2 nodes) with an IBM Storage.

I had successfully configured and tested (both nodes can deport/import the said Diskgroup) diskgroup and volume group to the IBM Storage.

I also configured a Simple Service Group with Diskgroup, Volume and Mount Resource,

Now, my problem is:

- the said Service Group unable to fail over from Node 1 to Node 2

- I noticed if I restart the server, the Disk Group is not automatically imported by the either of the Nodes.

- I have to manually import the said disk group then manually mount.

Can anyone please help me?



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Could you provide the and engine_A.log to help to debug the issue?

meanwhile you can check the following at your end.

1. Correct dependecies are set for the resources in the group. A Mount depends on Volume and Volume depends on DiskGroup.

2. Resources are enabled. Enabled attribute is set to 1.

3. Resources are probed.

To auto start a SG on a particular node,set AutoStartList

#hagrp -modify <SG> AutoStartList -add <nodes>



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Please copy the Service Group definition from and post here.

engine_A log should also tell us how SG and resources were evaluated at cluster startup.

Please confirm that gab and had are actually running:
gabconfig -a

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