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Servicedesk 7.5 Group/User Permissions

Created: 06 Dec 2012 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 8 comments

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone can give me the List of permissions that are required by the user To add comment and to add contact in a ticket in servicedesk 7.5 or in brief what are the permissions required by the Service Manager and a incident analyst. 

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This could be a complex question. Perhaps if you let us know what you're trying to accomplish we can provide some suggestions there. Are yo uexpecting users who do not have access to all tickets to have the ability to add comments or contacts to any ticket or something else?

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i just need to know the permissions required for the user to add comment on the ticket he is working on and to add A contact for the ticket

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Can Edit permission for the Incident itself.

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I've just started to evaluate SD 7.5 and it appears that a member of the support group lacks the permission to add a comment.

I have searched for the proper permission to add to this group but I can't seem to find it.

So I am with kareddy on this, can you specify which permission controls the ability to add a comment to a ticket.

Thanks in advance!


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Toomas has the right answer, but to expand on it, he means that the user needs to have permission on the process itself for 'Can Edit'. You can see the process permission in the Process Permission webpart on the right hand side of the process view page.

The process permissions are typically assigned view process automation in the admin section. Usually this happens in the 'OnIncidentReceived' or 'OnIncidentAssigned' type rulesets (substitute change for incident if you are looking at change tickets instead of incidents). In most cases you won't be assigning permissions to an individual but to a group instead.

So to answer the question, is the user who can't add a comment part of a group that has 'Can Edit' permission? Did a group not get this permission assigned view automation rules?

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paro's picture and toomas are correct. It appears that SD7.5 out-of-box isn't configured so that the support group has permissions to "add comment" to a ticket.

The reason for this eludes me but I guess that Symantec have their reasons.

Thanks to both of you for pointing me to the right direction :o)


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We would like all 18 members of our IT Departement to be able to add a comment to any ticket in the system regardless of whether they have a task assigned to them or not.  Sometimes a tech will take a call from a customer and need to insert some comments into a ticket even though he/she is not working any tasks on the tickets.  In 7.1, we were unable to make this happen a call had to be made to the SD Administrator to give the tech permission to the ticket so that a simple manual comment could be added.

Can this be done in 7.5?'s picture

It absolutely can and I know that because we do it in my office. The only caveat I can think of is that you can't add comments to a closed ticket.

Simply assign the permissions on incoming incidents to include your IT group with edit permission and you're all set. I pretty much outlined those steps above with screenshots, but I could provide a detailed step by step if needed.

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