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ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 Call Web Service on Server

Created: 16 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

I am trying to automate incident creation for recurring maintenance. When Creating the new task to call web service on server, I get the error "Missing or invalid WSDL URL - please enter a valid URL" when using the default http://servername/SD.IncidentManagement/IncidentMa... location.

I looked in IIS and this doesn't even exist. I did find SD.IncidentManagementSimple listed so, I gave that a shot.  I was able to load it, however, I have no idea which fields are manditory to get this to work. Any help is appreciated.

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Specifying a URL with ?WSDL at the end of it indicates to the web server that you are trying to save the WSDL file for the web service. In this case you are stating you are trying to save the WSDL file for the IncidentManagement web service. This file contains the information to allow you to programmatically access the different methods of the web service.

How are you attempting to create the automated ticket generation?'s picture

SD.IncidentManagement as the workflow package name under ServiceDesk 7.1. 7.5 uses the name SD.IncidentManagementSimple, so that's why your name convention is different.

As for the service itself, if you take off the "?WSDL" from your URL and navigate to it in a web browser, preferebly on the ServiceDesk server itself, you'll see the main workflow service page. Clicking on one of the operations will display the XML that the operation needs. If you are on the server doing this, you should also get an invoke button that will take you to a page that helps identify what data is needed for each operation. I'm guessing this will point you to what data you need to pass.

That said, why not just make another workflow project that uses the existing "Submit Incident" component? Or, if you feel like playing with some rules and maybe modifying the monitor project, just have emails sent to ServiceDesk that create the incidents for you?

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