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ServiceDesk 7.5 Password reset

Created: 15 Dec 2012 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 6 comments


In servicedesk 7.5 password reset feature I am giving permission to user on AD that User can change password but still when user wants to submit reset password request through SD it showing insufficient right to user.

Exactly which rights should we provide to user

Secondly through our manager login requested reset password for user and it gets approved it automatically what password sets how exactly this process will work because user not able to login now and it showing account login but in AD there is any account lock

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What is the exact error message you receive when you are told the user has insufficient rights?

For your second question, I do not believe that unlocking a locked account was part of the original design of the Password Reset process - although it is a good suggestion. As all AD environments and company policies are a little different, the process can't be perfect for all users. However, Password Reset is one of the processes that are available for you to modify using the Workflow Designer.

If your organization does not have internal experience with Workflow, you always have the option to seek assistance from Symantec partners who can help customize the processes to your requirements.

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Through our manage login we send request for password reset for user on user screen taskbar left side bottom it showing one message

After giving instruction on message we not understand what exactly this message saying

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Windows needs your current credentials?

It is a notification that user's AD credentials (in this case, the password) has changed and user has to provide the new credentials. As the message says, locking and unlocking with the new password does the trick.

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Hi Toomas

We have done this already but there is no any asking for type new password or reset password option over anywhere.

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Think of Password Reset project as more of an example how workflow could be leveraged in a real environment. This is a modifiable flow even in 7.5. You can open the project in Workflow Manager and look up exactly what the flow does and how it does it.

Basically, the flow resets user's AD password. There are some approval steps and the new password will be sent to either the user or user's manager via e-mail.

The rest of it is purely Windows/AD stuff, including the notification on your screenshot.

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Hi Toomas

The procedure which you saying is not running this in our environment.

We trying to use this reset password in default SD configuration mode we have not yet modified or customize any workflow related this.

Is it necessary to modifiy the same or we can run default workflow?

We just wanted to know after user submitting request from user end it will goes to approval for manager If manager will approve after that user will get prompt which we sent earlier