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ServiceDesk 7.5 - Sending Incidents to a Specific Queue

Created: 27 Mar 2013 • Updated: 29 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are using ServerDesk 7.5. The specific scenario we have is that we have multiple email monitor workflows monitoring different IMAP email accounts and creating tickets automatically. This all works great, except they will go to the default incident queue.

The question I have, and the question isn't necessarily specific to this scenario, is in the workflow, either before or after the Submit Incident component, can I specify a certain queue the incident is assigned to?

We've experimented with a few different ways, like data mapping the currently assigned queue name, but had no luck. Does anyone know how to "hard code"  the workflow to send an incident directly to a certain queue?


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setting the "currently assigned field" should work.

This evaluation occurs in the incident management model.  If "No Assignment Made" evaluates, then the next item on the path is "Send Incident to Default Queue".  Otherwise, it uses the assigned value.  Also, be sure there is at least one group added to a queue, otherwise this may not work as intended (for permissions purposes).  It's important to note that SD is still working with groups as assignees, and just using the "Queue" concept as a method of transporting an array of groups around the incident management process, which is why an empty queue won't do much good.

*Edit - I should probably clarify - "currentlyassignedqueue" is the mapping you want, in addition to the "currently assigned queue name".  added another screenshot at the bottom.  you'll probably want to "Get Incident Service Queue By Name" prior to the mapping component so you can just feed the output of that into the map for this queue data.





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Thanks Africo,

I spent some time this morning testing this the way you said, and it's working perfectly.

To clarify for others, you are editing the Email Monitor workflow. In the ProcessMessage model, you need to add the "Get Incident Service Queue by Name" component before the "Create Incident" component.

In the "Get Incident Service Queue by Name" component, you can select the input, select constant value, and type the name of the queue you want to send to.

After that (and after you have linked them), on the "Create Incident" component, open up the mapping definition, and on that screen there is the CurrentlyAssignedQueue Mapping that is in Africo's screenshot. You create the mapping, and connect the ServiceQueueObject.QueueName (that comes from the Get Inc. Queue by Name" component) to the IncidentTicket.CurrentlyAssignedQueue.QueueName.