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Servicedesk 7.5 Tickets automatic closure

Created: 21 Dec 2012 | 7 comments
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It is stated in the documentation - that if user does not click on approval link when incident is resolved then incident will be closed automatically after default timeout - 2 days. But in our system nothing happens. But even if it works - how this interval can be changed?


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You mean the "Click here to review and close your incident" task, is that correct?

Could you please tell me where you saw the 2 days being mentioned in the documentation? I could only find information about that on Page 147 of SD 7.5 User Guide that states it is determined by ServiceDesk administrator.

When I look at the Incident Management process, it seems to be hardcoded to 3 days.

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Yes, "Click here to review and close your incident" task.

Information about 2 days I found in this kb article: HOWTO81879 (step 6)

But it does not work even after 3 days. So i if i understand correctly - it is hardcoded and there is no way to change this behaviour. May be it can be done with a custom workflow project?

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Both the resolution confirmation step and the timeout in there are hardcoded in the Incident Management project, which is not modifiable.

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Hello bold

In ServiceDesk 7.1 to change this time is necessary go to Incident Management Project. Customer Confirm Resolution Model > Have Group Customer Confirm Resolution > Event Configuration tab and change the Timeout Time Span.

There is no way to put Time Span value out the project , for example in ServiceDeskSettings and in 7.5 the Incident Management project is not available.

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Hi bold,

Step (6) in the KB article has been updated to include the following information:
Note:  The Incident Management verification period is set to three days and cannot be changed.

Also, for information about the problem with incidents not closing after the three day timeout period, check out the following KB article:
Incident Timeout Does Not Close Process Correctly

Kindest Regards,



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CNWilliams, thank you!

We downloaded the project and created a test incident. So now we will wait for 3 days, and then I will post the results.

Warm regards,

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I confirm, now the incident closes after 3 business days of user inactivity. Thanks!