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servicedesk license

Created: 04 Feb 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 1 comment

I have implemented servicedesk and have 5 license for servicedesk. but in symantec installation manager there are 2 servicedesk solution, one with 5 license and the other with a trial license. why there are two servicedesk solution in my symantec installation manager and symantec management platform.

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I really thought that there was a KB article about that but cannot find it right now.

Either way, I will try to explain. First off, it does not affect functionality in any way and it is just a bit unfortunate visual issue.

Looking from ServiceDesk (or Workflow, if you will as the licensing is actually Workflow functionality) side, there are two kinds of ServiceDesk licenses:
- Application license: 'General License Availability' in License Status Manager
- User licenses: 'License Count' in License Status Manager

Looking from SMP side, there are again two kinds of ServiceDesk licenses, but different two:
1. ServiceDesk Solution License: Application License + few user licenses, the number of user licenses that can be in there is limited, I do not remember the exact max amount by heart.
- You definitely need this license as this enables ServiceDesk functionality in the first place.
- In your case, this is the Full license with Count 5.
2. ServiceDesk Technician License: Additional user licenses that could not be provided within the Solution license, if you have these purchased.
- These are not required. Unless you have bought licenses for this extra amount of users, you should not have any of these. This is the reason that more often than not the Technician Licenses show up as Expired - this is not a problem.
- You have these licenses probably because just only recently installed the ServiceDesk solution - you automatically get Trial licenses for a short while after installation.

Now to the unfortunate visual issue part - In SMP (and SIM), both licenses are titled ServiceDesk / Symantec ServiceDesk Solution. You may want to check the RemoveLicenses SMP tool, that displays the correct names for licenses.