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ServiceDesk: List of available standard reports

Created: 24 Jul 2012 | 6 comments
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Hi all,

A customer of mine recently asked information on ServiceDesk and wondered whether there is a list of available standard reports available from Symantec. I also wondered whether this is available since i haven't found it on the net and the product site

Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

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Can I suggest to find out what process/procedure the customer may have in place?   The problem we have is the non ITIL process in an ITIL product.   There might be some bending from the customer side and the SD dev side.   From my understanding (and if the answers to my trigger question was correct in the 7.5 demo) then we might have some detail type reporting.   All speculation right now but if they can hold off a little until 7.5 is going, it will save them the headache from upgrading from 7.1 SP2 to 7.5 and have to run multiple databases.

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SD has a lot of reports out of he box but most of them are not very useful and you'll have to tweak a few to get the data you need. They're actually removing reports for SD 7.5 as they found out that not a lot of people used certain ones. Let's hope they have better ones for the next version.

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Hmm, currently they are trying to tidy up their processes starting from Incident Management but no firm processes in place yet. When is 7.5 going out and do you know what the key differences are with 7.1 SP2?

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Hi Avi,

The link snm1502 provided is the forum talk up.   There appears to be some improvements but not until we can get our hands on the Beta, it is hard to talk to anything.   I was distracted by the misspelling of the word 'installation' on one of the first slides.  Makes you wonder if they did mean instillation.   indecision

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Hi Avl,

There is a thread initiated to discuss SD 7.5 release in symconnect. Below is the link. I guess, this should help you as a reference to get udpates on SD 7.5 updates: