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ServiceDesk ticket closure countdown timer

Created: 18 Jan 2011 • Updated: 17 Sep 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

If a new end-user opens/views a ticket in ServiceDesk there is a little box that comes up and counts down from 5 seconds if they have another ticket that is waiting for a survey to be completed.   This is not enough time for a end-user to read the message and decide what to do.   Is there a way to turn this off or increase this countdown?

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Try here in Process Manager (unsure if this is the actual place):

Admin - Portal - Master Settings

Under Report Settings, boost SuggestNextProcessID Interval (in sec)from 5 to an large number

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Justin, this issue has caused myself and the other SD Admin at my workplace no shortage of ire.  It appears that this is hard-coded functionality of the ProcessManager.  As of SD 7 MR2, that feature (ForwardToNextTask) can't be modified, aside from increasing the delay.

Setting the delay to either 0 or above 100 (In Admin > Portal > Master Settings > Report Settings > SuggestNextProcessID) sets it to the default.  We have it set to 10 seconds.

I would suggest (and I've brought this up during service request calls with Symantec) that this feature be modifiable in future revisions.  I understand why it's there, but an administrator should be able to turn it off.

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Actually, I think in WF 7.1/SD 7.1, the popup is going away completely.

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Do we know yet if its fixed in the core WF upgrade, or do we have to also apply SD ( which i cant do. I have to incorprpate new stuff from 7.1 into mine. )

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The popup was a Process Manager "fix" that SD inherited, it should be out in 7.1 MP1

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Just being able to extend it is a godsend..  Im glad someone found that setting.