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Created: 04 Jul 2013 • Updated: 30 Aug 2013 | 6 comments
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Can anyone tell me, how the Backup exec agent browser, Backup exec device and media, Backup exec job engine etc services of the Media, Master and Client server are dependent on each other ?

And if anyone service is stoped, how it'll effect to other services?

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This should help answer your questions:

Services Descriptions for Backup Exec -

Backup Exec cannot function if any of its core services are stopped, which are:

  • Backup Exec Device & Media Service
  • Backup Exec Job Engine Service
  • Backup Exec Agent Browser Service
  • Backup Exec Server Service
  • Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows System Service
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Thanks for your prompt response..

can you tell me which services are runing in Media Server, Client server and Master Servers or all above mentioned services should be run in all of these three servers for successfull backup?

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Client server, master server & media server are the same thing...all the services mentioned above run on the media server. Only the BE remote service runs on a remote server.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks a lot, Craigv.

If I clearly understand you, the only BE remote service will run on the Client and Master servers (If the Master, Client and Media servers are separated i.e. not same server) and all other services will run on Media Servers, Right??

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We do not use the terms Master and Client within Backup Exec and at least one of the answers above is kind of indicating that the Client could be a Managed Backup exec Server (MBE/MMS)

Bascially any media server needs all of the BE servcies, this is independent of whether or not the server is a CASO server or a Managed Backup Exec (MBS/MMS) server.

Remote Agent servers however only need the services pertaining to remote agents (which might still include the error recording, BE VSS and Deduplication services in addition to the actual remote agent process)