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Set Attribute - Monitoring Analyst

Created: 21 Nov 2013 | 4 comments


I am using Symantec DLP 11.6, there are several Response Rules already set up.

All of these use 'Set Attribute: Monitoring Analyst', is there any way to auto populate this with user’s login? I can see my login in the History pane, under Submitted By so I know it’s in there. It would be good if the responses were able to default to a variable that was bound to my login.

Thanks in advance.

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That will be a very good and useful new feature for DLP, you can submit an idea to this forum.

And, until now, I think you can use darshboard for the workaround.

You need to filter out all the incidents that bound to the user by some conditions firstly, then, save this report. You can then add this report into a darshboard, at last, configure this darshboard as your homepage. There will be all the incidents that bound to you after your login.

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Thanks for the response, I'm not sure I understand your answer though. Can I run a report that looks at everything worked on by an individual, by their application login and not what they put into the monitoring analyst attribute?


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For individual user we can make a separate dashboard. Whenever you will login you will see only that reports created by you. Also you can save that specific reports as private.