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Set Computer/Asset status to Retired from workflow

Created: 25 Apr 2012 | 2 comments
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I am trying to automate the retirement of computer using a workflow. I am able to identify the computer GUID, but I cannot find how to set the Asset status to retired. Any advice?

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Have you tried using the Set Status For Asset Component in the generated Resource library? It should come with the default Workflow install. If not, you can rerun the Resource Generator for SMP 7 against a SMP that has Asset installed to get the component.

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I have now played with the Set Status For Asset Component, and I can set the status but…. To set the status it needs two types – ‘Asset’ and ‘FixedAssetStatusResourceType’

It works by identify and setting the Asset variable and hardcoding the GUID for the ID property of the FixedAssetStatusResourceType’.

I can find the asset by querying with the computer GUID but I cannot find a way to identify what types of FixedAssetStatusResourceType there are!

I find it a bad way of programming to hardcode the GUID of the status I want the Asset to have.

Anyone that knows of a way to query available Asset statuses?

Regards, Ole Jacob