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Set time for GUP to download latest definitions from SEP server?

Created: 12 Mar 2012 | 8 comments

Is there a way to set a specific time for each local Group Update Providers to downlad updates from the SEP server?

Thanks in advance.

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yes, create a firewall rule based on timing so that GUP can reach the SEPM server at only specificied time. At other time the traffic is blocked.

However it is not recommended :-)

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Technically there is no way to schedule a download for GUP. Though there are few options as pete mentioned above, like blocking the port, or turning of SEP on GUP... they are not recomended.

What you can consider is configuring LUA. The following articles may give you an idea.

Best Practices for LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x

Installing and Configuring LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x)

Obtaining the latest version of Symantec LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x)

Again answer to your question - No there is no way you can schedule a download for GUP.

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in this case what heartbeat interval do? this is not schedule right?

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Heartbeat interval is the interval for the client to check-in with SEPM for changes in policy etc....

The GUP works like this.

The client check-in (as per the HB interval) to SEPM

SEPM informs the client that there is a new definition (along with other updates) and gives the client the download information

Client contacts the GUP

GUP (if it does not have the required defs) contacts SEPM for definition download.

Hope it is clear.

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when the client initiates the heartbeat, thit will try to connect to SEPM, if the traffic ic blocked then then it will never go to SEPM.

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Since GUP is downloading definitions from SEPM,schedule the SEPM to download the definition at your desired time frame in Admin-->servers-->local site edit properties-->liveupdate

Once SEPM is updated GUP will start downloading definition in its heart beat communication,this is the only work around you can try.

Thanks and Regards

Prakash Kamalakannan

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The system which configured as GUP contact to SEPM as defined heartbeat, As few of members asking the download timing of definition form SEPM, it can defined in Live update option, but when to receive updtate as GUP, than only bandwith can be throtted, best suggestion to use bandwidht throtting in case of GUP, becuause , whatever revision release by symantec, witll update to GUP client and later update to rest of the clients.




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As others have stated above, scheduling of GUP downloads is not possible.

What other have not addressed is the Why. You see, GUPs will only download content if & when requested by a client. If no client requests updates for three days, the GUP will not download definitions for those three days. If one client requests delta updates between yesterday and today; that delta update is different to a delta update from the beginning of the week to today.

That means you will never know when a GUP will download definitions and how big they are. As discussed in other threads, if you want to prevent GUPs downloading updates during the morning rush, make sure there is a client that requests the latest updates from the GUP at least an hour before the morning rush.

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