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Setting BE overwrite

Created: 01 Oct 2013 • Updated: 01 Oct 2013 | 16 comments

how to setting BE that automatically overwrite? and schedule overwrite every mounth. i'm using BE 2012


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If you are using disk storage, then you specify how long you want to retain your backup set in your job.

If you are using tape or disk cartridge storage device, then you create a media set, set the overwrite protection period to 1 month and target your job to this media set.

Do read the media management section of the Admin Guide which can be found in the BE installation directory.

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I did not start this from the beginning. so I do not know how to change this setting. Can you guide me how to change the settings in BE overwrite?

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Where are you taking the backups? To a disk storage or to a tape drive?


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thanks rahul, im using disk storage rahul..


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If you are backing up to tapes, then change the properties of the Media Set in the Devices tab from BE console.

In case you are backing up to a B2D, you can change the "keep data for" duration from the properties of the B2D. (double click on the Disk storage and on the left side, go to properties. You can change the settings for Overwrite from here).

Hope this would help.


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what do you mean overwrite the settings in the picture that I circled?Keep.jpg

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You are backing up to a disk storage. Here you are keeping the data for 8 weeks. This means the backup will be protected for 8 weeks and after that it will be removed. Backup exc 2012 considers Full+Incremental as 1 backup set. So it will protect the entire backup set for 8 weeks after your last Incremental job completes.


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whether the full backup and incremental backup file that I delete manually or I can set after 8 weeks the file directly deleted automatically?  because my disk is always full before the last incremental. how to settings that automatically delete or overwrite BE after 8 weeks?


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As I told you in 2012 Full+Incremental is considered as 1 Backup set. The blog which Colin has mentioned explains the DLM process in Backup exec 2012 and how the data is retained and removed.


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Full+Incremental is considered as 1 Backup set.

A backup set is the output of a backup job, so your statement is incorrect.

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Hi Mahardika,

From the screen shot you provided, you just need to change "Keep for: 8 weeks" to "Keep for: 4 weeks".

By doing this, you configure the overwrite protection from two (2) months to one (1) month.

For added information, below link describes what is Overwrite Protection and Append Periods.

About media overwrite protection and append periods

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For BE 2012, OPP and AP does not apply.

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pkh, 'Overwrite protection period' and 'Append period' are real settings in BE 2012 under a media set's properties page.

Please explain your last statement.

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Sorry.  My earlier comment should read.

For BE 2012, OPP and AP does not apply to disk storage.

which is what the user is using.  I was distracted.

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PKH is correct. In Backup Exec 2012 OPP and APP is not applicable when you backup to disk The medis aets that shows under storage tab is for backup to tapes.