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Setting up Deduplication Option

Created: 26 Mar 2010 • Updated: 27 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

I'm having a problem setting up the Deduplication folder for Backup Exec 2010.  The media server is installed on a vSphere guest OS with Windows 2008 Enterprise R2.  I've attached the log with the error I'm receiving.  How do I correct this issue?

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the error happens at the very end. here is what the last lines of my log look like: 

23.03.2010 11:27:50.91 Configuring agent.cfg...
23.03.2010 11:27:50.92 Calling pdregister with register action...
23.03.2010 11:27:52.39 pdregister register action completed successfully.
23.03.2010 11:27:52.40 Adding registry key for agent.cfg ...
The operation completed successfully.
23.03.2010 11:27:52.42 Registry key added.
23.03.2010 11:27:52.43 Getting Routing Tables from spad...
23.03.2010 11:27:52.46 AgentId=3
23.03.2010 11:27:52.92 pdregister routingtables action completed successfully.
23.03.2010 11:27:52.93 Routing Table downloaded!
23.03.2010 11:27:52.94 Retrieving contentrouter.cfg from spad...
23.03.2010 11:27:52.94 Calling pdregister with configfile action...
23.03.2010 11:27:53.45 pdregister configfile action completed successfully.
23.03.2010 11:27:53.46 Writing PostgreSQL details to contentrouter.cfg...
23.03.2010 11:27:53.72 Finished writing PostgreSQL details to contentrouter.cfg.
23.03.2010 11:27:53.74 Verifying that PostgreSQL is running
23.03.2010 11:27:53.75 Executing spoold.exe --initdb...
NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "counters_pkey" for table "counters"
NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "spoolertasks_pkey" for table "spoolertasks"
NOTICE: CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "objects_pkey" for table "objects"
E:\BackupExecDeduplicationStorageFolder\etc\puredisk\contentrouter.cfg and E:\BackupExecDeduplicationStorageFolder\etc\puredisk\agent.cfg: verified OK

I assume that the pdregister.exe that fails for you is supposed to register the puredisk services into the registry. is the user your be-services run as a domain admin? does the user have full ntfs permission on the target device? do you see anything in the eventvwr.msc? (failed audit, applications, systemlog)