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Setup replication between 2 already existing sites?

Created: 06 Apr 2010 • Updated: 08 Oct 2010 | 6 comments

I have 2 sites which are geographically seperately. I need to add the newly aquired company site into our companies exiting SEPM structure. When running the Server configuration wizard I run through the process and add the new site SEPM and supply the Database details. However at that point I get the message that existing user data already exists and will be lost if I continue?  I need replication between both sites and I do not want to lose any data stored in either companies attached SEPM database?  How do I do this ??

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How to add "Replication Partners" and Schedule Replication

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Since both the sites were installed as independent site as the FIRST SITE, this would happen, when you add the other site as a replication partner you will loose all the data.

The best waht you can do is take a back up of your policy and groups, once you had the replication partner you can import your policy back. this is best that can be done according to me.

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Its not cannot mix 2 establish replication..
Once has to go off..
Use SylinkReplacer move all clients to one SEPM then un-install that sepm..install fresh SEPM and Set it as a Replication partner..

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If you have a relatively high speed link between the two sites just add the SEPM as an additional server in the same site.
I have had way more problems with replication than I would like and will now only use it in very specific circumstances.



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Install the other server as an additional site.You can use this doc for it.
How to add "Replication Partners" and Schedule Replication

Then connect all clients back to it by using any one of the following method
How to point Symantec Endpoint Protection(SEP) clients to a new Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager after you have either uninstalled, are going to decommission or replace the Existing Primary Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).

I am not finding any way other than this...

Other wise have a look in this doc
How to temporarily substitute a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) that performs Replication with another SEPM within the same Site
I am strongly doubts this will work  because you installed both sites as first site...

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So this confirms that Data will definately be lost. So when adding the newly aquired site and I run through the server configuration wizard I will choose their Database to wipe and not ours. Before I do so I need to export all the policies first.

Are the client groups , administrators , domains deleted with everything else so whne they log back into a console connected to their SEPM nothing will be there?

Here is the REAL scenario:

UK site was the first to migrate from SAV 10 by myself as a "test bed" the UK is not the MASTER site as this will be Germany.

Germany have started to migrate and because of the infrastructure topology that they wish to achieve replication needs to be in place.

With Germany being the Master site with several other european countries being secondary it all needs to be replicated up to Germany but the other sites will not be able to see each other. I can achieve this easy enough.

Lucklily I have put this together but have stumbled at the point where we have 15000 clients migrated and as Germany have just started with their migration I need to get the Replication in place sooner rather than later as they have already created policies etc.

I need to preserve as much as possible here and be mindful on how to bring on board the other countries. I obviously need to add them before they start building policies etc?

Any more advice will be appreciated.

Thanks for the links to documents but I understand how to implement replication but cannot get my head around the fact that Symantec have not thought about merging company infrastructures.